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2023 Spring Fling Kidlit Contest

One of my favorite childhood memories took place on May 1st, also known as May Day, when I was 5 or 6 years old. My next-door neighbor placed a bundle of colorful flowers on my doorstep, rang the bell, and ran off. When I opened the door to find the beautiful flowers lying at my feet, I was delighted. While thinking of ideas for entering the Spring Fling Kidlit Contest hosted by Ciara O'Neal and Kaitlyn Sanchez (THANK YOU Ciara and Kaitlyn for a fun contest!) those memories of the joy I felt all those many years ago, led to this story...

May Day GIF By GIPHY Studios 2021 @giphystudios2021

MAY DAY FRIENDS! (150 words)

By Julie Fruitticher Schroeder

“Why do we have to move?” cried Lucy.

“Oh, Lulu…” Mom said, “you know we have to move for Daddy’s new job.”

“But I’ll miss my friends.” she sobbed as the moving van drove away.

When they finally arrived at their new home, it was May 1st. May Day.

In her old neighborhood, friends would be ringing each other’s doorbells, leaving flowers on the doorsteps, and running off laughing.

Here, kids were playing kickball in the park across the street.

Lucy sighed and carried her suitcase into the house.

A little while later, she heard DING-DONG-DING-DONG and giggling.

When she opened the front door, no one was there, but she found freshly picked wildflowers lying on the doorstep with a note.


The kickball kids whistled and called to her from the park.

Lucy smiled.

This might be a good place to live after all!

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