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#50 Precious Words Contest

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Writing a story for children with a beginning, middle, and end, using only 50 words, is a big challenge and lots of fun! I would like to shout a great big THANK YOU to Vivian Kirkfield for her brilliant idea of creating the #50 Precious Words contest and to all of the authors, agents and editors who have donated their time and talents to make the prize pool so fabulous. This story was given an Honorable Mention in the Humor category of the contest!

THE CAT BURGLAR (50 words)

By Julie Fruitticher Schroeder

Cat was bored.

Strolling past an open window, he saw something sparkle.

Curious, he leaped onto the sill.

His paw pat-pat-patted, and it tumbled,

into the bush below.

Hearing footsteps approaching,

he pounced down, retrieving it.

A lady screamed,


as he made his glittering getaway.

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