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Glammy's Mixed-up Clean-up

When Glammy asks for help cleaning up, Lulu would rather keep playing - until she sees the zany places Glammy tries to put her toys! Skates don't belong in the Fridge! Lulu must straighten out Glammy before she makes a really big mess trying to straighten up the house!

Buster's Breakout

Buster-Bulldog has never been out of his yard until the day he finds a hole in his fence and escapes wearing his favorite polka-dot sweater. But things are not quite what he expected in the world outside. Will he find a way to fit in?

Once upon a coral reef, Moray-the-Eel snoozed and snored thru the days, mouth wide open & sharp teeth flashing. When 3 noisy parrotfish brothers show up crunching and wake Moray, they will need to outsmart him or become his lunch in this retelling of the 3 Billy Goats Gruff.

Now that Big-Zeke has shiny new tools, nothing will stop him from building his treehouse. Except for the creepy critters lurking by his door, forcing him to find creative ways to get in and out of his home. What will it take to overcome his fears and become a big BRAVE bear?

A determined little girl's search for a pet to love always has a sneezy result. When she finds a tiny  egg in her potted plant she hopes she may have found the solution. But what is in that egg!              

Oh No, Boudreaux!

When a little girl's beloved doggy appears to be misbehaving in outrageous ways, none of her attempts to find a solution seem to help him. Will she be able to discover the true culprit before her furry pal ends up in the doghouse for good?   

Frogs Are NOT My Friends!

Mishi seems to attract froggies everywhere she goes, but does NOT like them one bit, until she discovers they might be good friends to have after all.

Mama, Mama, There's a Bear!

When a fanciful little boy asks if he can play with the baby bear in his backyard, he gets lots of ideas from his busy Mama for fun things to do with his new "friend" until she discovers his buddy is not-so-imaginary after all. 

A little girl loves visiting her grandma's wacky assortment of misbehaving critters, and has fun attempting to train them to behave, but will they ever learn?

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