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Saturday at the Bark Park - Haiku

This morning I took Moose for a romp at the local dog park.

I knew I didn't need to worry about what I was wearing or how messy I looked first thing in the morning because I knew no one would care. It is a place where people purposely dress in sloppy-messy clothes they know will hold up to muddy paws and slobber. I knew we would all be there because we love dogs and because we wanted to allow ours to play and socialize with each other.

It felt good knowing I was going someplace I wouldn't be judged by my appearance or social status. And it was exactly as I expected. We were all messy, and friendly, and chatted about dogs and things that were not offensive to anyone. It was great and made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, so I decided to make it the topic of a Saturday Haiku.

Saturday at the Bark Park

We are all a mess,

No one cares - we just love dogs,

And they love to play.

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