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#FallWritingFrenzy Contest 2022

I usually like to write funny stories for kids and never thought I would ever write a scary tale, but inspired by this contest I decided to try my hand at it. I picked the photo below by John Mccann for inspiration, thinking it was one of the least scary photos to choose from for this event, and then thought, "maybe it only looks like a nice place, but really isn't..." Although it probably won't give anyone over the age of 7 nightmares, it was a fun adventure.

I would like to give a great big Thank You to:

Kaitlyn Sanchez @KaitlynLeann17

Lydia Lukidis @LydiaLukidis

Alyssa Reynoso-Morris @AReynosoMorris

for their creativity, time and energy in hosting this fun contest!

And to John Mccann for his amazing Fall photograph.


By Julie Fruitticher Schroeder

Tommy always rode double fast on the trail through the Grimgrendel Forest.

The path between the two rows of giant trees looked pleasant,

but IT wasn’t.

Something dreadful lived in there.

He’d felt IT watching him…

and even heard ITs rasping growl once.

Everyone knew the danger and avoided getting too close to those trees.

Everyone except the new kids,

Chopper and Bam.

They were mean as snakes—

and waited for Tommy on the trail.

When he tried to pass, the boys knocked Tommy off his bike

and laughed like demons.

That’s when the trees began to rattle,

with long bony branches reaching down,

tangling Chopper and Bam in their fingerlike twigs.

Grunting snarls rumbled from deep within the woods.

Tommy ran, glancing back as Chopper and Bam were dragged,

legs thrashing,

deeper and deeper into the trees,


until they disappeared.

When Tommy heard the terrifying CRUNCH… CRUNCH…CRUNCH…

he took off.

No one ever saw Chopper or Bam again.

Some said the crunching must have been the twigs breaking on the ground as the boys ran away.

But Tommy knew…

IT …

was munching on bad boy’s bones.

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Oct 08, 2022

Hopefully IT isn't hungry again for a LOOOONG time! Good work!

@mowrex (Twitter)


Oct 02, 2022

Great story, Julie!

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